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International Fluevog Day!


Fluevogs are happiness for the sole. ^_^




BtSSB items reduced again on EGL Sales ^_^

I have relisted and reduced the prices on my Baby the Star Shine Bright clothes on EGL Sales. The Red Riding Hood Dress, A&tP Card skirt, Alice in Sweets Wonderland skirt, Alice Chess Maid dress have all be dropped down in price. I adore these clothes but I just can't afford to keep them... *_*

New temptations...

The bad thing about going through old EGL stuff to sell is that I find new stuff I want and don't need. BtSSB is always dangerous... the Tarot Card series is so cute! I really adore the purse. ^_^

Cleaning out my EGL collection...

I have some old Loli clothes & shoes that are just sitting around. Soooo.... off they go to be sold on EGL Sales.